About the Process of Swimming Pool Installation

Considering a brand new swimming pool installation for your Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast property? There are several steps between finalising your perfect design, and actually swimming in your pool for the very first time. At Barrier Reef Pools Brisbane, we’re highly experienced in swimming pool installation, and can make sure that each and every step goes as smoothly as possible. Here are the basic stages of the installation process:


1. Your agent and installer will submit a layout plan and obtain council approval.

2. The hole is carefully excavated, the base prepared and leveled.

3. Pool is lowered into position. Even tight and difficult access is not a problem.

4. Pool is accurately positioned, and plumbing connected.

5. A concrete reinforced bond beam is poured around the pool to lock it firmly in place, and to provide a surface for laying the paver surround.

6. Final paving, landscaping, fencing. Pool is then commissioned and you’re ready to go!

Our warranty is clear, comprehensive and designed for your peace of mind.


Barrire Reef Pools warrants to all of its valued customers that every pool:

1. Has been manufactured under strict quality assurance controls and exceeds world standards for strength and durability.

2. Has a unique registration number for product process control and traceability, recording material weights, wall thickness, hardness, production environment.

3. Only the best materials,operating conditions and production crews are used to build our pools.you are getting the benefit of manufacturing and support from people with extensive skill and knowledge in the swimming pool manufacturing industry.

4. Is supported by a 25 year structural warranty,and an 8 year gelcoat colour warranty.Details will be included in your contract – discuss any questions with your agent or installer. They will be only to pleased to assist.


Some Interesting Facts

1. Warranty periods vary. Some manufactures offer a “lifetime warranty” on their pools, which expires when the property [and the pool] is sold by the original pool owner. The warranty doesn’t carry over to the new owner-it becomes void!

2. Otheres offer a “lifetime Warranty” which is actually for a fixed period as specified in the contract eg. 5 or 10 years. Some warranty the pool for the lifetime of the owner!

3. Read the fine print.Ask the questions.We could say 35 years, or a “lifetime”, whatever that means.

4. We don’t need to. Our built-in quality, structural and color warranties can be relied upon.