Why Fibreglass Swimming Pools?

Quick as a splash

Your fibreglass pool arrives on site ready to install. No-fuss installation in as little as 7 days, compared with concrete rendered or pebbled pools which can take up to 3 months to complete – and all that mess in your backyard !


Looking Good

Pools feature a super smooth high gloss gelcoat surface in a fantastic range of vibrant shimmer colours. This ultra hard wearing surface is non porous, stain and chemical resistant and of course is so easy to clean.


Strong and Durable

Barrier Reef pools all exceed Australian and world standards for thickness. This means that your pool is incredibly strong, yet being made of fibreglass, can flex to handle most earth movement. Concrete and other pre-formed pools with mineral fillers in their construction have greatly reduced flexibility.Your fibreglass pool has a full warranty, guaranteeing complete peace of mind. Ask your agent for further details.


Costs that are under control

Up-front information on costs means no surprises. Your investment in the pool, its equipment and installation are clearly set out to ensure you meet your planning, budget and time frame. Affordability, lower installation costs, and features that are built in – not expensive add-ons.


Perfect Selection

The range of shapes, sizes and colours is large enough to meet individual style and design requirements. Salt chlorinators for a healthy, naturalfeel, filtration systems, pumps and blowers to optimise water management, lighting and water features to create special moods – all guarantee perfect compatibility. You can be assured of a quality lifestyle with a Barrier Reef pool.


“I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your wonderful efforts in installing our pool on time and within budget. I can say, without hesitation, that you staff and all contractors were first-class in the timely performance of their tasks. From the initial excavations, tiling & coping, pump installation, pool cover and final hand-over, I can truthfully say that a wonderful job was done by all and I recommend highly your company and services to all potential customers.” – Kevin Stephan

“Hi Dean, A message of thanks to yourself and all involved at Barrier Reef Pools. Our salesman, Paul, always had a smile on his face, even when we dragged him out here three times before we made our decision” – Melissa and Craig Nelson