Swim Spa

Swim Spa

Both the Miami Spa and the Swim Spa designs that we offer, feature the best of both worlds. In our spa pools, you can enjoy both swimming and relaxing, so you don’t have to choose between swimming pools and spas!

The Miami mimics the luxury of an exotic holiday overseas, featuring an attractive free-form shape that facilitates interesting design possibilities for the surrounding landscape. With seating and a layout that maximises space for activities, it’s a popular family-friendly fibreglass pool option.

Our Swim Spa also features generous seating located on either side of the pool. This design is set up to be a relaxing spa but you can opt for ultimate luxury and comfort with optional spa jets and heating. With a depth of 1.2 metres, the Swim Spa can also double as an everyday backyard heated pool for fun.

Name Swim Spa 4Swim Spa 5
Length (m) 4.95.5
Width (m) 3.22.6
Deep End (m) 1.251.2
Shallow End (m) NANA

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At the heart of what we do at Century Pools is the simple fact that we love to help people enjoy themselves and get the most out of their own backyard. Whether it’s your first pool or you’re a seasoned home swimmer, our commitment is to go above and beyond to ensure that we deliver a solution that you can enjoy now and into the future.

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