Be the first to own the new ultra-modern Venice pool design from Harvest Pools, the leading pool suppliers in NSW. With a unique shape that will fit a variety of backyard areas and compliment any modern home, this family-friendly design offers an extra safety ledge, dynamic stair design and a swim out. Shop contemporary inground […]


What’s great about the Urban pool is that it’s big enough for the whole family to enjoy, yet practical enough for smaller backyards. We love the Urban pool with a seating area at the deep end so you can relax and watch the kids play. Here are the top three benefits of the Urban pool […]

The Waterhole

Why do so many people love the Waterhole pool design? Well, it’s modern, compact, and can be installed in courtyards and backyards with limited space. If you’ve always dreamed of having a pool but thought you didn’t have enough room, the Waterhole may be the perfect solution. The perks of a Waterhole swimming pool installation […]

Swim Spa

Both the Miami Spa and the Swim Spa designs that we offer, feature the best of both worlds. In our spa pools, you can enjoy both swimming and relaxing, so you don’t have to choose between swimming pools and spas! The Miami mimics the luxury of an exotic holiday overseas, featuring an attractive free-form shape […]


The Retreat offers incredible relaxation with easy access at both ends of the pool. The sleek, modern design includes a safety foot ledge and ample seating space to support leisurely relaxation and swimming activities at the same time. If you’re looking at different luxury swimming pools for sale, here are the best features of our […]

OZ Pool

The Oz is a luxury pool design that features a left-side entry, with entry steps and seating on the left side of the shallow end. There is also extra seating located on the left side, at the deep end of the swimming pool. A safety foot ledge is also included with the Oz, for security […]

Square Spa

Our in-ground spa pools come in two varieties. The first is a square shape 2.1 metres by 2.1 metres with a depth of 0.9 metres. The second is a round shape that is 2.6 metres by 2.3 metres with a depth of 0.92 metres. You can select the one that best fits the dimensions of […]

Lap Pools

At Harvest Pools, our fibreglass lap pools are high quality, durable and low maintenance, boasting a stunning appearance for years. Installation is easy, with the shell delivered directly to your property. Once installed, your lap pool won’t ever need to be repainted or resurfaced. Our fibreglass lap pools are available in multiple colours, from classic […]


The Harvest swimming pool has a ‘right-side’ design that looks sleek and stylish in any backyard. The entry steps are located on the right side near the shallow end, while the left side of the pool has generous seating from the shallow to the deep end. The Harvest pool design is a great choice if […]


The distinctive square edges give our Contemporary pool a modern look that enhances your backyard and gives you endless entertainment. One of the best things about this pool is the easy access, with entry points from the centre step and seating on the middle, right side and deep end. Our inground pool range also includes […]